End of year party

End of year party

Dear Families,

To celebrate an amazing school year we will be having an ice cream sundae party on the last day of school!   We would love if each family could donate an item to help us create a delicious treat.  There are 19 students in our class, so please send in enough so that everyone has some.

Here are some ideas that the students came up with:

–          Chopped up kit kats

–          Whip cream

–          Sprinkles

–          Hersey kisses

–          Chocolate rocks

–          Watermelon

–          Spoons

–             bowls

–          Sour Keys

–          Gummy bears

–          Gummy worms

–          Chocolate chips

–          Mini marshmellows

–          Chocolate sauce

–          Caramel sauce

–          Fresh strawberries

–          Cherries

I will purchase the ice cream (in chocolate and vanilla).  If you are able to contribute, please write in the agenda what it is that you are sending in, so we can avoid duplicates.

Thank you for your support and a successful school year! Ms. Persaud